how do i identify a particular date in oracle is a business day. Can i get the sample code?

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how do i identify a particular date in oracle is a business day. Can i get the sample code?

i have a date input and i wants to know whether this date is a business day.
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Check business_date  function in the below link which would give you a clear idea:
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are you defining business day to be Monday-Friday?

case when to_char(your_date,'Dy') in ('Sat','Sun')
           then 'Not a business day'
           else 'Is a business day'
There is no specific function to do this in Oracle, and Bank Holidays are different in every country so you will need to use a combination of the to_char function and a table that holds Public Holiday dates.

The to_char(sysdate,'D') function will give you a number identifying the day of the week, where day 1 is Monday.  If this gives a value between 1 and 5 then it is a week day.  You will then need to check the date in your Public Holiday table and if it doesn't exist then it is a normal business day.
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to_char(date,'D') will return a number indicating the weekday. However, for a given date, this number returned varies with NLS_TERRITORY.

For more information :

There is nothing built-in to Oracle to support a "business day".  I presume you mean Monday to Friday (inclusive).  If that is all you want, then you can do that easily with straight SQL (see sdstuber's post above).  

However if you want public holidays you'll have to extend that.  The easiest approach would be to have a PUBLIC_HOLIDAYS table, but the downside is that you would have to maintain that table. AND do you want to cater for different countries? - which have different public holidays.

I've included a simple example below.  If you want to call the function from SQL, you'll have to change the return type to NUMBER, VARCHAR (as BOOLEAN type isn't supported in SQL).  

CREATE TABLE public_holidays
( dy DATE )
-- populate with data ...
   lisHoliday INTEGER;
   IF to_char(pDay, 'DY') IN ('SAT','SUN') THEN
      -- check for public/bank-holidays
      INTO   lisHoliday
      FROM   public_holidays
      WHERE  dy = trunc(pDay);
      RETURN lisHoliday <> 1;
   END IF;
END isBusinessDay;

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the term business day itself is ambiguous and has many meanings in many part of the world.

some places it just means a working day ( excluding weekends Saturday/Sunday and public holidays ) and in some places they refer to them as a working day ( excluding only Sunday and public holidays ) and so on...

ideally your application should have one table which can give the list of all public holidays for the company along with which we can then exclude the weekends as well and then determine if it a business day or not.

you need to use to_char(...) and to_date(..) functions speaking technically in your sql queries to determine that.

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