Mysql select where not euqal to array values

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i need to do a select where a particular field is not equal to any of the values in the array. so for instance my array has


mysql_query("SELECT partnumber FROM table WHERE ordernumber != arrayvalues")

The issue is the amount in the values can change and potentially be 20/30 values.
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Use implode() to convert the array into a CSV list, and use the SQL IN clause to compare against a list of values:
$a_test = array(1,2,3,4,5);
$v_test_list = implode(",", $a_test);
..mysql_query("SELECT partnumber FROM table WHERE ordernumber not in($v_test_list)");

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I need to go disable your internet connection so I can get a chance to answer the questions. :)
:)  Gotta try and catch you guys up eh?
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Haroon Ur RashidSr. Software Engineer

hi, another way is
 WHERE not fieldname IN (ListOfValues)

WHERE * from Table Where FieldName Not IN (ListOfValues)


Thank you very much. Exactly what i needed. Sorry i didn't reply sooner. I thought i would post and leave over night. Guess i didn't need to wait all that long.
Glad to help.. thanks for the points..

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