How to create outlook calendare invitation by VB6 code without using outlook

DoronAviad used Ask the Experts™
We have developed a  Calendar application that is not using Outlook or exchange
we need to send appointments invitation to users how have outlook

Please give me a code example of how I can create invitation attachment to regulare email

for example the email sould be like this:

Subject:Dear Mr. D
Body:U have a new invitation
Please open that attached invitation file and the appointment will be added to you schedule
Attachment:....This is the part I need where I will enter the Subject, Time, Place, Body of the meeting

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Hi, DoronAviad.

There is no way I know of to create an actual Outlook meeting invitation outside of Outlook.  The only solution I know of is to have your application create an iCal appointment.  iCal is an application neutral format for exchanging appointments between systems.  Here's a link to the a description of iCal:


This is Greate

I found more info on the iCal format in
Also by Creating new Appointment in outlook, then selection is an use save as and seelcting the iCalendat Fromat
then opening the ics file in notepad

But there is only one problem
the start & End date sould be in UTC format yyyymmddThhmmssZ
How can I transelate the current pc (for example GMT+2) to UTC time ?
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