Google Maps API - Capture Traffic Augmented Travel Time as text value?

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I am working on a script that generates travel distances using google maps, then writes the end result into an excel spreadsheet. I have been pretty lucky in that most of the heavy lifting has been done for me through a TuFAT script from 2006, but I need one more piece of information to make the project 100% useful.

When you use google maps proper for driving directions, you can see the travel time along with the estimated time (including traffic). I have no idea how to call/capture the traffic-augmented time by itself for insertion into my project.

Any help would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated.

the files driving the app are located at if looking at the code would help any.
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There is no way to get the "in traffic" info from the API at this time.  I took a look at the v3 version of it and didn't see anything to show the info would be in the directions with that new version.

Unfortunately Google hasn't really answered when or if it will be avaiable in the board posts I have read.  Possible issues keeping it from the API is the fact it is very localized (I don't even know that it is in most US major cities) or requires something which they can't put in their API (i.e. they provide it using a service).

I hope this helps and let me know if you have a question.



Shame it didn't give me the answer I want, but it is the right answer.

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