Star TSP800 Raster Printer Driver with Windows 2008 64Bit Enviroment - Unable to get 32 bit driver to match

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We have just implemented a Windows 2008 TS Enviroment and need our OS systems to integrate. The POS Systems have a Star TSP800 Thermal Printer for reciepts and a a till drawer. The Till is activated by the TSP800 Raster driver. I am struggling to find the drivers that allow 64bit and 32bit evnviroments to function. I have found both drivers but when I try put on the 32 bit drivers the Windows Server goes looking for ntprint_ and wont accept that I can point it to the drivers. There is not ntprint_ in the driver i have. I have contacted Star and awaiting a response but this is getting urgent.
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Hello acronyms,

Why do you want to install with 32 bits drivers ?

And more than that, 32-bit printer drivers will not work under 64-bit TS.
Also, any reason to use 64-bit TS? Unless you are expecting a hell of a load in terms of users, 32-bit will do just fine and be more compatible with apps and drivers in general.

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP


The 64 Bit drivers are used so that the mix of 32bit and 64 bit enviroment can co-exist. The system uses old POS systems that need to stay 32bit for the moment.

Thanks for the link but been there. There is not a TSP800 Raster print driver there. I can match up the drivers but when loading the 32 bit drivers 64bit 2008 says it has to have a certain .inf file that isnt included in the 32bit drivers. Therefore wont load into the repository.

The users are all 32 bit and therefore when a print driver is seen and matched at logon the TS needs to have those drivers installed so it can print to the default printer.

Reason for going 64 bit on terminal server is moving on with the times. We cant stay in a comfort zone and live with what works when the only kit we can buy is 64 bit. May as well take the plunge!! The more experiance you can get trying these things will help you in the future. Hence we are not all using green screens!! They worked didnt they?

I dont want to use the 32bit drivers on the 64bit TS but it is needed for the logons.

Resolution I have put in place until Star can supply drivers or say upgrade your kit is to use a 32bit Virtual Server for the 5 users that need these POS systems. Temp measure while I get the driver issues sorted. Also Printing direct to larger copiers with 64Bit drivers.

Thanks for the feed back.  
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Did the 32bit TS to keep system running before reading comment but we came to same conclusion
The thing is 32-bit drivers do NOT work on 64-bit. There is no workaround for that. The manufacturer must come up with a 64-bit driver. Simple as that.
For the meantime, yes, a solution is to run a 32-bit TS under Hyper-V, until the 64-bit driver is available.
I agree we must move on but when moving on means not being able to run the business required apps, that is another story. :-)

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP
Not sure if anyone has come up with a solution for this but it would be nice.  As far as 64 vs. 32 bit here is what I have. I have 64 bit SAN Host (VMWare) with a Windows 2008 OS as a Print Server.  As the clients are 32 bit I have to have both the 64 and 32 bit drivers installed.  Found that to load the 32 bit drivers you have to load them on a Windows 7 OS (workstation/laptop) and then upload to the Print server in Printer Management on Windows 7.  It works fine for most drivers but I am unable to load the Star TSP800 Raster Printer driver.  I was able to laod the Star TSP800 (TSP847) but it doesn't work.  I can print a test page but my application will not.  We use them to print prescriptions from our EHR and need them to work correctly.  
Does anyone have a solution for getting the Star TSP800 Raster driver loaded even on Windows 7?  From Windows 7 it should be easy to upload.

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