All websites are blocked in school

brian ramdhan
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Hi there. I am the ICT Tech in a school. A problem I have been having continuously is that almost every day every single website will be blocked and I get this message

An error occurred during access control. Please contact your system administrator.

I was speaking with the guy in Fujitsu who set up the server and he said this happens when a student or a group of students is continuously trying to access a blocked site. When this happens, it blocks the website of everyone!!!

Do you all know if this is true cause it is really annoying and I may have to talk to these students!!!
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From the sounds of it, your school's Surf Control server has simply been configured to block access based on the administrator's privileges (and/or the school's Security/Internet Usage Policy).

I would suggest contacting the system administrator that controls the Surf Control server for more information.

Hope this helps...


This might be a subscription exceeded issue.

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