Set up separate nameservers for a subdomain.

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If we currently have a domain, let's say hosted on our current hosting provider (Hostgator), how can we set different nameservers for a subdomain of  For example, if was hosted on another server and that server requires to point to another nameserver rather than just an A record.  How would I go about doing this?

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what you would do is setup a forward on you can either do a domain forward or a full forward.
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It depends on the platform you're working with really.

What you describe is a delegation, which normally consists of these records:

# zone

webdevelopment   IN NS  IN A  IPAddress

Where the first record, the NS record, delegates responsibility for webdevelopment to a server called "" and the second record provides glue to prevent circular lookups.

Once that's done, all records for webdevelopment would be created on the new ns1 server rather than on the name server for

if you have access to the zone file it self you can state an NS to manage the subdomain.

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