Problems restoring WBADMIN backup from shared network drive

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I Have sucessfully created a schedualed backup using WBADMIN on a Windows 2008 Enterprise x64 virtual server using :
wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:\\\share\backups\SECCPHx64DEV -include:C: -allCritical -vssFull -quiet
this works perfectly and stores the back up to the correct drive.
Problem :
The Windows recovery GUI  on the vitual server will not recognise the backup on the shared drive ?
Question :
Should it recognise it ? Should I be using the WBADMIN to restore the backup?
If Yes to the WBADMIN restore what would be the correct syntax for a complete system restore would it be "WBADMIN START RECOVERY" or "WBADMIN START SYSRECOVERY"
Any help would be greatly appriciated.
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It should recognize it, I use WSB to back up to a share, and to restore from it.  However, it may not recognize it if you change the location of the backup AFTER you backup.  E.g., maybe you backup the backup files to tape and then delete them.  Then you restore them to a different location.  WSB uses a mediaid file in the target location and catalogs local to the WSB file to identify the backups.

You also could try, in the gui, selecting restoring a different server, then browsing that way.

If that fails, you can copy the files locally to either W2K8 R2 or Windows 7 box. Then using disk management you can mount the VHD (virtual hard drive) files.  That will allow you to access them as a lettered hard drive, find the files you want to restore and copy them.


Thanks Zelron it was the only server that couldn't read its backup and guess what its the only server the backup had been meved on :-)
Thanks again
Oh is there any way of cahnging the Media id file ?

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