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Hi Experts,

I'm fairly new to Workflows and have a problem building one.

I want to give users ability to set up the expiration date on each created/uploaded item individually.

I have created "Expires" Date/Time column and added it to my testing document library.
I was able to create a workflow using SharePoint Designer. It would send out an e-mail to the author once the file expires.

Now I have troubles finding a way to build the rest of it.

Basically, I need to modify only the first part of the out-of-the-box Disposition Approval Workflow - once the Expires date equals current date, mine should start doing exactly the same thing - add a task to the tasks list letting user either to delete the file or to keep it (see attachment).

How can I build this "tasks" part in SharePoint Designer?

Thanks and sorry for a messy explanation.
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Unfortunately you can't modify the OOTB workflows that gets shipped with MOSS. You'll have to create a custom workflow that will do this for you.

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