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Will a batch file set to run a similar command to the one below and set to trigger by the schedular potentially trigger if a Microsoft update is in progress on a 2003 Server?

shutdown.exe /r
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Yes this will kick off the reboot. It will give the standard coutndown which i believe is 30 seconds then reboot the machine.


Jeez....  So is there any way to avoid what would likely be a catastrophy during an update?  Or are Microsoft's updates "smart" in the sense that they don't actually "install" until download complete?

Thanks for your response BTW...
It depends on how you are getting the updates and you have them configured. If you have the option for download and install at a specific time set you should be ok as long as your not rebooting during that time frame.
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You can configure the behavior of Automatic Updates using Group Policy.

Rebooting while updates are downloading is no big deal; it will pick up where it left off.  Rebooting while they're installing could cause problems.

If you use the "Auto download and schedule the                                install" option, make sure that your auto-reboot script does not run at the same time.
Well if he is going to be setting up the GPO for the automatic updates, wont the automatic download and install automatically reboot the machine if necessary?

That is the same option I have configured for my XP machines through WSUS and they reboot on their on when necessary.

That is one of the configurable options.  If any of the updates require a reboot then it will by default unless No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Updates installations is enabled.
Thats what I was thinking. Cool.



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