Backup Exec 11d restore from old B2D-files

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We're using a Backup-to-Disk Folder called "B2D-sql".
A few months ago, we copied the B2D00xxxx.bkf-files to another location for safe keeping (probably not best practice).
We continued to use the "B2D-sql" Backup-to-Disk Folder as before.

Now, a few months later, of course all of the B2D-files has been overwritten many times, and we need a restore from the old B2D-files we kept for safe keeping.

I've created a new Backup-to-Disk Folder called "B2D-temp", and specified the location for the old B2D-files. I got an error "The backup-to-disk folder "B2D-Sql" was found at the specified path. It is already a device on this machine and cannot be added as a shared device.".
Then, I moved the Changer.cfg and Folder.cfg files and tried again. Success. :-)

I ran an Inventory on the "B2D-temp" folder, and the strange thing is that the Media (which has the smae names as the ones in "B2D-sql") has also the same dates. Probably due to some caching somewhere. I have tried renameing the Catalog-folder in c:\program files\Symantec\Backup Exec\, and restarted the services, but after a Inventory the same (new) dates appear - not the old ones. When i check in Explorer, the last changes dates are OK.

When I try to run a new Catalog on the "B2D-temp" Folder, the Catalog for the first bkf-file is Successful, but all the others failes with "e0000900 - The requested media is not listed in the media index and could not be mounted. To add the media's catalog information to the disk-based catalogs, run an inventory operation on the media and resubmit the Catalog operation.". All though I get a byte count on everyone, it seems like it "overwrites" the previous Catalogs, so I cannot get a complete overview in "Restore, View by Resource".

I understand that this is because I allready have the same files in "B2D-sql", and that the way we copied it some months ago obviously isn't the way to do it.

*** The Question *** : how can I make Backup Exec "forget" about the "B2D-sql" Folder files, and just concentrate on "B2D-temp" so I can do a restore?

Btw, I've tried using "ntbackup" for the .bkf-files, but it just restores 0 files and 0 bytes.
I've also tried, but I got the error "no data found in backup file".
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Jackie LiuPrincipal Technical Support Engineer

Try these steps as below.
1. Create a new folder on disk.
2. Create a new B2D folder with this folder just created.
3. Rename the original BKF files and move or copy them to the new B2D folder.
4. Refer to to clear the check box for "Use storage media-based catalogs", there is a little different for your BE if you are running 12.5.
5. Catalog your new B2D folder.


Thanks for your answer.
I've tried this, and at first glance it seems OK, but a closer look indicates that BE has stored some information, probably with the Media ID.
- The accosiated dates are still the same as the newest B2D-files - not the old onces, even after Inventory and Catalog.
- Each Catalog will "overwrite" the previous catalog - so can only see contents of one file at a time.
- In Restore, View by Resource, I can only see the servername, and not any contents.

I was thinking of copying the old B2D*.bkf-files to another installation of Backup Exec, which have not seen these Media IDs before. Hopefully a inventory & catalog will work better here... :-)
Jackie LiuPrincipal Technical Support Engineer

You don't have to try it in a fresh installation.
You may refer to to manually force BE to re-index the B2D catalogs.
BTW, you still need to clear the check box for "Use storage media-based catalogs".
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I'll give it a shot. :-)


hmm.. what am i missing here..?
In reference to Note2 (, how do I start the re-index?

benigne.exe seems to just idle on 0%.
Jackie LiuPrincipal Technical Support Engineer

Hi, re-catalog the b2d files and it's just possibly up to 100%...
I was not able to use the old B2D-files, but it worked just fine on another installation of Backup Exec (which had never seen the Media IDs).

Thanks for your input. :-)
Jackie LiuPrincipal Technical Support Engineer

Anyway, good to know the files can be use in another installation.
But you may refer to with "Drop existing database and reload from base" and refer to, you can have a fresh configuration in the existing installation.

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