Can't get domain admin account to login into demoted DC

ironkernel used Ask the Experts™
Created Win2003 Server DC Called "WIN2003" in domain ""
Plans changed. Demoted DC to member server
Renamed to "MEMSVR2K"
Joined server to Win2000 domain "olddomain.local" successfully
Tried logging in with old domain admin account, but login just sits there and desktop won't appear.
I cancel login and use local admin account to analyze and in the profiles, I still see administrator.WIN2003 profile.
Is this causing the logon failure of the domain admin for olddomain.local?
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check/try to add domain admins to local admin group.
It should already be there, but check
Check TCP/IP settings to verify that the machine is pointing to a DNS server which hosts zones for the 2000 domain.
LBizzleMicrosoft Enterprise Administrator & AWS cloud Consultant

When you demoted and added it to the old domain make sure it is not in the Domain Controllers OU. It might be a good idea to also unjoin, run NewSid, remove from WINS\DNS and make sure the entry removed itself from AD when you unjoined the domain. Then rejoin and your problem will likely be solved. I've had similar issues like this before where running NewSID or Sysprep resolved it but in your case sysprep is overkill and newsid should take care of it.
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Go to the NIC card and change the TCP/IP properties>>DNS>>preferred DNS server list, to be  your remaining DNS server.

That advice is the same as LBizzle's, so please acredit him if that is the correct answer.


It's very possible to following solution offered would have solved this issue as well. I had made the changes to DNS and also in the Fwd DNS and stepped away for a couple hours. When I came back, I was able to demote so I didn't proceed with any additional changes.

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