Verifying The Signature in facebook application via $_GET['fb_sig']

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Can someone tell me which of the following fb_sig parameters should I send to my php script?

[fb_sig_app_id] => 12558585366
[fb_sig_in_canvas] => 1
[fb_sig_request_method] => GET
[fb_sig_friends] => 4,6,... (removed my friend list for privacy)
[fb_sig_position_fix] => 1
[fb_sig_locale] => en_US
[fb_sig_in_new_facebook] => 1
[fb_sig_time] => 1221071115.1896
[fb_sig_added] => 1
[fb_sig_profile_update_time] => 1220998418
[fb_sig_user] => 2901279
[fb_sig_session_key] => 9a7e04226b1a3c85823bfafd-2901279
[fb_sig_expires] => 0
[fb_sig_api_key] => 650503b8455d7ae1cd4524da50d88129
[fb_sig] => xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I've tried every posible permutation, I've read every piece of paper available on net and still without success.
I wolud be very grateful if someone answer my question.

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I solved the problem 7 days ago.

It seems that facebook team change the parameters composing the fb_sig key from time to time:

I've used this script to extract all parameters:

            var fb_sign_vars:String = "";
    var fb_userpresent:Boolean = false;
    var keyStr:String;
    var valueStr:String;
    for (keyStr in _root) {
      if(keyStr.indexOf("fb_sig") == 0) {
        if(keyStr == "fb_sig_user")
          fb_userpresent = true;
        valueStr = String(_root[keyStr]);
        fb_sign_vars += keyStr + "=" + valueStr + "&";

Here is the list of all required parameters:

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