XP drivers for Dell Vostro 1014 - Wirless in particular

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Hello guys, I recently purchased the Dell vostro 1014 which came with Linux. I installed XP and installed all the drivers except one. I am having a hard time trying to download the wireless driver for Dell vostro 1014 in XP. The dell site does not provide the option to download the wireless driver for windows XP. Somebody please help me find one. Thanks in advance.
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What Kind of Wireless card is it?
I found the driver.


Tell me if that link works for you. Near the bottom, there is the wireless card drivers. If you can't get it i will upload. But that will take me a while.
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I could not find anything on the wireless drivers for XP for that model either.

Have you tried to use the Vostro 1000 wireless drivers to see if they would work?


thanks a lot guys. let me download this vista driver and see if it works in XP


hello robert,
the driver that u suggested seems to be supporting windows vista only. I tired googling a lot but still not able to crack it.

I hope there's one..
there is a way. i suggest you download driver genius professional and contact me on www.shoutbox.site90.net in the morning, ask for plovesr and i can assist you further. thanks for taking time to read this. if this is the right solution then approve
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thanks a lot guys but i found one. Actually the driver was not installing, so i went to device manager and selected the drivers from there and it installed. I guess dell was checking for the OS and if it was XP it was not installing. But i got it working. Yipee!

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