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Does anyone have any experience with generating custom reports from Quickbooks Point of Sale? I am currently using version 8.0 and fairly dissatisfied with a few different aspects of it. The main one being its reporting. Of course I would prefer free as I am already paying $1000 a license. I am very skilled with excel and have a fair amount of knowledge in the database world.
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QuickBooks Reports are not its finest point (as you note). There are three fundamental ways to handle this:

1. Use the report modification function as you really can make useful modifications to reports and then save the report (memorize it) . I do this a fair bit.

2. If that does not give you what you need, epxort reports (in my case, like a trial balance) into Excel, and then use equations in one or more sheets to create reports you want. Done this way, you can re-import the report next month and get a new Excel report.
3. Look at the aftermarket (QuickBooks Add-ons) for reasonably price  report tools. For example, look at:  http://quickbooks-add-ons.com/index.php

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