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Hello, I need to know how to get the URL in vb.net.
I've a form and I need to copy the current URL in my browser.

somebody can help with this?
It's really urgent!!!!

Thank for any help
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Are you saying that you have an Internet Explorer Browser Opject in your Form?


nop. I just want to copy the URL for any browser. Something like request.querystring but I need to get the http://www.xxxxxxx.com  The entire path.

webURL = webbrowser.Url.ToString()

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So you have a Visual Basic.NET application and you want it to grab the URL of ANY running browser? Such as Firefox, IE, or Opera? ....

Why not make a simple Webbrowser in VB and user that, its much easier to get the URL.

What is your goal?

Its been a while since I've used the API and custom controls to control and get data from Other Applications.


It doesn't work.  :(
Could you give the entire code in vb.net?
The code requires that you have a WebBrowser control on your form named webbrowser, and it will get the URL of it, even if the user navigates away from the start page.

I'm not used to VB.Net, but URL.toString() returns a String. Hopefully this will help you, I don't have VS.NET installed right now so I can't play with it =/ I typically answer PHP/Javascript/Ajax/VS<=6.0,Desktop Support questions, etc


I've a webpage in .net, in a page I've  a form. So when the USER submit the form, the form it will send the URL.
That's the reason I need that function.

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