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Hello Experts,
Can you please advise me on this:

MDX query for the following  sql:

Select memberno,membername,lineofbusiness
where lineofbusiness in (1,2) and lineofbusiness  in (3);

Members who are active in (1 or 2) and 3
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Let me give you an example in AdventureWorks, and you can translate (hopefully).

This gets customers who have bought products from categories (1 or 4) and 3.

[Product].[Category].&[1], [Product].[Category].&[4], [Product].[Category].&[3]
} ON Columns,

      , (
        (Measures.[Internet Sales Amount], [Product].[Category].&[1]) > 0
        (Measures.[Internet Sales Amount], [Product].[Category].&[4]) > 0
        (Measures.[Internet Sales Amount], [Product].[Category].&[3]) > 0
ON Rows
FROM [Adventure Works]
WHERE (Measures.[Internet Sales Amount])

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