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I am setting up a vpn for a client of mine. An orthodontist office.
He has a simple network with all xp computers and an xp computer as his server. All cat5
He wants to be able to remote in from his house with something like a vpn or pc anywhere.

any suggestions on what would be the best choice?
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If its just remote access to one PC you could just use Windows Remote Desktop Connection and open port 3389 to point to his PC, or if you need more security or a full VPN SonicWall has great products for any size network



He actually already has a sonicwall wireless router there can i use that?

Try logmein free at www.logmein.com.
I don't think all Sonic Wall routers have VPN, check what model it is and look on thier website to see if it will work
Every sonicwall I have used has a vpn capability on it, I've used at least 10 different models now and they all came with at least 1 VPN access allowed

Enable the VPN on the sonicwall, setup a preshared secret, and download the Global VPN Client program from www.mysonicwall.com under the downloads section. Then simply install it, connect to the public IP of the office and put in the preshared secret

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