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We are currently designing a Cisco VOIP conversion for our Centrex lines and I have a question about the Cisco VOIP telephones. We are going to be using the 7942G and 7965G series on our network and we'll be plugging our computers into the switch on the back of the phones. My question is; has anyone had any issues with this type of setup? I am primarily interested in issues or gotchas that people have experienced. The phones will be connected via Cat 5 to 2960 POE switches for network access.
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We've been using Cisco VoIP for about 5 years now (7940s, 60s, and a 70).  Most are daisy-chained without any issue.  So far I've had two phones that their PC port has failed, but either I just swapped it with on that wasn't using the PC port or threw a small hub at the station.

Overall I think you should concentrate your concerns on other aspects of the conversion other than the ports on the phone.
this is the best solution. by using it you will save your money.
we have been using this solution for more than 4 years and in all the customers sides and we did not face any problems.
GO for it.

Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
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The only time I've ever seen issues is when somone needs more data ports in their office and puts in some little 5 port switch and then trys to plug the phone into the switch..
Also, your cabling infrastructure needs to be very clean. CAT5e or CAT6 is prefered. These phones have gigabit capable ports, so they are very sensitive to cabling issues.
Also be aware of the power draw of the color 7965's. Check carefully the switch model and how many class 3 PoE devices can be attached to any one switch. The 7942 is class 2 so it does not draw as much power. You  may not be able to have, say, 48 x 7945's on one 48-port switch

Good point with the 5-port tip.  We have a situation where there are three desks to one wall jack, but luckly only one phone.  Plugging the hub in to the PC port of the phone works fine, no issues.


Thanks for your comments; especially about the type of phone class.

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