contentPane.add(FrameSIP, FlowLayout.CENTER); crushes

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Hi experts,
The included code shows an error because the contentPane.add(FrameSIP, FlowLayout.CENTER); is not accepted.

Any one knows why ?
public static void main(String[] args) {
		mainWindow tempy = new mainWindow();
		Container contentPane = tempy.getContentPane();
		contentPane.setLayout(new FlowLayout());
		   JInternalFrame FrameSIP = new JInternalFrame();
	        contentPane.add(FrameSIP, FlowLayout.CENTER);
	        //tempy.setLayout(new FlowLayout());
	        //FrameSIP.setSize(300, 300); 

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To get the Center Flow Layout, construct the layout with center position:
    contentPane.setLayout(new FlowLayout(FlowLayout.CENTER));

then add the frame without position:

that should be after all the statement you want to execute before the frame gets displayed.

>>contentPane.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

why do you set flowlayout? by default frame is constructed with BorderLayout which is sufficient!

check this example for setting up JInternalFrame

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