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I am hosting my own website and mail server.My Godaddy domain details is as follows (+ sign used as field seperator)

ARecord      +  @   + 72.27.X.X
CNAME   +  www +
CNAME   +  mobilemail
CNAME   + pda
MX      +   @  +

1. Do I need the second and third CNAME entry ?
2. The name servers are as follows
Are these correct or should I be using the name servers from the ISP who sold me the static IP ?
3. Weired but when I enter the page display the following message
"Hacked By Fatal Error " 
Is this possible even although the site is not up yet ? How do I check if this is not a mistake ?
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There is a big difference between A records and CNAME records.  A records point a hostname to an IP Address.  CNAME records essentially alias one name to another, and thus is really 2 dns lookups to get the IP address.  I've heard it explained that the only time you use a CNAME is when you are forwarding traffic from a domain that you control to a domain that you don't control.

Assuming there is one server for both web and mail function, and that server has an address of, you would have:

ARecord pointing www to
ARecord pointing mail to
MX   pointing to

What is ?


Not sure what ""  is for. I saw it on the Godaddy domain manager page.

So if I enderstand you clearly I can delete or leave alone the CNAME entries as I am not forwarding any traffic and affect nothing if I leave the there ?

Mail to the site have been bouncing. I did not know I had to create a A Record for mail as well.
What about the twon NS entries ?

And any light on question 3 ?

The NS records are pointers to what DNS servers are authoritative for the domain in question.  Most people would choose to use the name(dns) servers provided by the registrar that sold them the domain name.  The only time I break this convention is when the management tools that the registrar provide are crappy.

Have you browsed to ?  It is some type of web mail interface.  If it doesn't belong to you, I would remove the entries.  You wouldn't want to send your users to someone else's web mail server and end up having them put their passwords in some random server.

From what I can gather, the entry:
ARecord      +  @   + 72.27.X.X
Is an a record for pointing to 72.27.x.x
The '@' is shorthand for

What I personally would do is have a specific A record for each host.  You can have as many A records pointing to the same IP address as you like.

So I would end up with:

ARecord + www + 72.27.x.x
ARecord + mail + 72.27.x.x
MX + @ +

Delete all CNAME Records

As far as why is saying what it says, what happens if you go directly to the server's IP address?  Have you confirmed that resolves to the IP address you entered?
When I do a whois on NS57.DOMAINCONTROL.COM I get this:

Special Domain Services, Inc.
14455 N Hayden Rd #219
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Doesn't sound like GoDaddy to me.  You may want to make sure your NS records are correct.
The whois.. is correct... Special Domain Services in Scottsdale is GoDaddy (or one of its subsidaries) ... (I know.. You think they would use GoDaddy.. Go figure...)

When I do a whois on NS57.DOMAINCONTROL.COM I get this:

Special Domain Services, Inc.
14455 N Hayden Rd #219
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

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