Shared resources including GAL between two domains

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I have two different properties/domains. Each has two DC's, one of which is an Exchange 2007 box. (Windows 2008 domain)

I have 7 users, including myself, that work between both properties.

How can I set up these users to use the same network resources/mapped drives from both properties? I would also like to set it so they can view the GAL from both Exchange servers.

Example: User A can have drives mapped from domain A and domain B, while at property A or property B as welll as view the GAL for both properties within Outlook.

I assume this may require setting up a domain trust, site-to-site VPN, both or something similar??

Thanks for any guidance on this subject...
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George SasIT Engineer

You will need both of those plus a bit more.
In order to "share" Gal you will need to use Identity Integration Feature Pack or Microsoft Identity Integration Server.
The first one it's just an addon pack and it's free , the other one will cost something if I rememebr correctly.

After you set up the trust between the domains , you will be able to share the ressources between the 2 domains but for the GAL you will need to use one of the tools I suggested.


Can anyone elaborate or provide more details?

Am I going to change the IP scheme of one of the sites in order for particular users from each domain to access resources on both simultaneously?

What is the difference in Integration Feature Pack.Server?

IT Engineer
Integration Feature Server it is a more complexe sollution and it costs money.
The Integration Feature Pack you can just install it as an "addon" to your AD.
You don't need to change any IP's if the domains can "reach" eachother , you will just have to make a trust relationship between them.

What is going to happen is that all the users from Domain A will be added as Contacts on the Domain B , and all the users from Domain B will be added as contacts on your Domain A.
The Integration Feature Pack can do this for you automatically and if you go for the Server then (I think , never used is at is was to expensive) the server version can do this for you by a schedule or when any changes are made to the users on the both domains.

Adding a trust relationship between the domains will make the ressources available cross domains.


Thanks for your response. I will look into this and try to implement it soon.

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