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Was wondering if there was any writeup on publishing public git repositories using somewhat of the following URL format:


Basically I just want a main repo directory (projects) to hold the repos - and they would be  named such as "repo1" or "backupjob", etc. Inside these "repo" directories, would be a folder with all git information, called ./.git.  So URLs would follow as:


So, so no one is confused, the final product I want to be checked out (URL wise) would be the following:


And I want to be able to git clone these URLs.

I am just looking for documentation on this particular setup, or even if someone has the time to show me some commands, however, I could be calling these "remote repositories" the wrong name.  Let me know.
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Is there any additional code or links you could provide to get me going on this.  I spent about 2 hours trying to understand and get this working, but its just not working quite right.  I can checkout the repository, but I can't push the code back to the server for an update (remotely).  I can if I'm on the box directly.
That's not how git works. You export your repository using http and if someone else wants to contribute they send you a patch, or you pull their changes.

For read-write access use ssh.

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