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I have recently purchased a network hard drive that provides the "iTunes Server" functionality.(Western Digital My Book World Edition)

I have moved all my music across into the "Shared Music" folder and as promised I see under "Shared" in iTunes the icon "MyBookWorld".  And through that link I can see all my music etc..  This is true with all computers at home.

However, I don't simply want to share music, I want to share Applications, Playlists, Podcasts etc..  There is only myself and my wife at home and it will be a hassle to have each computer with its own playlist etc..

So - is the solution not to use iTunes Server functionality and instead simply put all the music on the external drive etc.  What should be the "iTunes Media Folder Location"??

Also.... one thing that I am looking to do in future is setup my hifi to play music from the iTunes libary - how will this affect the setup of using or not using iTunes Server??


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Why don't you just sync to the same computer ?


My music collection is around 80GB, if I was to sync with computers would pose the following problems.

1) Laptop does not have 80GB free
2) I would be wasting 160GB of space (music stored in two locations - 80GB + double on the backup - 80GB)

Well, if the music is already on one of your computers, can't you just sync all your iPods on that one computer.


Thanks for your feedback.

Syncing with ipods is not the issue.  The issue is - is it possible to use iTunes Server to host a single Music libary across multiple computers.
I'm not too sure, but if all you did was put all your music into the folder and it appeared on iTunes. That might work for applications too.

To find your applications,
-Go to "My Documents" in the start menu
-Go to "My Music"
-Go to "iTunes"
-Go to "Mobile Applications"

You should see all the applications you purchased. Move one of your applications to the iTunes Server's folder and see if it shows up on iTunes. If it does, just transfer all your applications there.
This should also work for pictures and other things too. If it doesn't, than it probably only supports music.

For your second question, I think there was a application that let you listen to the music in your iTunes library online. I'm looking for it right now, I'll post the name of it after I find it.

Oh, the app name is Simplify Music, but it cost $3.99.



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