Where to get windows 7?

brian ramdhan
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hi there. I know that windows 7 is being released today. I am currently running the beta of it. Can I just buy an upgraded version or do I have to buy the full thing. I am interested in getting the ultimate edition. Please provide me some links where I can get it for the cheapest. My computer came with vista home premium 32 bit but I installed the RTM over it!!!
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You can buy it from most of the leading stores where  you live/ online like Amazon or from Microsoft direct.
The trial version of W7 ultimate is nolnger available

I downloaded the W7 ultimate and can use it until next year then I simply pay for my version and continue using it.
What was the version of Vista you had> there is offering from from HP and DEL if you bought your system recently-- you can use the upgrade path from Vista to W7 a lot cheaper
If you bought a qualifying PC

If you bought your laptop with OEM Vista - you can buy Windows 7 upgrade.
However you cannot upgrade directly from Windows 7 beta to Windows 7 RTM/final. It theoretically can be done with some ini file modifications but is not recommended.

On another note, to use an UPGRADE license, you'd need to reinstall Vista onto the machine and check the upgrade paths... Vista Home Basic can be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium or Ultimate, but it does need to run from the existing OS (so boot up to Vista, pop the disc in, and choose upgrade).
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I would personally recommend against upgrading, in most cases of someone upgrading I usually find that some peice of software stops working, it is meant to be less of an issue in vista to windows 7 than it was from xp to vista

Do not upgrade from the technical point of view. But buy upgrade license. This is what I recommended.

I would agree with not upgrading from Vista to 7, is that even an option? I've been running Ultimate since RTM.

I'm not sure about all the options though


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