Hide emails, or make them private, for user-to-user messages

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Currently we are planning on moving our entire email service onto CRM, without allowing anyone except a rare few to send emails direct from Outlook 2007.

The problem we have is that, naturally, all emails sent from CRM are tracked regardless. For private emails from user-to-user (i.e. meetings, salary questions, etc) can all be easily searched using Advanced Find.

As part of the company policy, we also have the Regarding field as compulsory for all sent emails, so that none can be 'lost' in the system, unrelated to any booking.

We want to try to avoid people searching for these private emails. I came up with the suggestion of having an account (i.e. **INTERNAL PRIVATE**) and to somehow disable the history in this account, and that any email regarding this account to be completely hidden from the search. We could also have another **INTERAL PUBLIC** account for all team emails that are not sensitive.

If this is not possible, then any form of simply clicking a radio button on the email itself to prevent it from being searchable by Advanced Find, and to make it private.

I am not the full administrator, and cannot amend any of the underlying code in the CRM, but I can happily pass this information onto people who can do this.

If anyone can come up with some ideas, this would help us immensely.
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Feridun KadirPrincipal Consultant
I think what you want to achieve will be very difficult.   The Advanced Find will find any records that match the criteria of the search subject to the user's security roles.

I don't think there is any way of tagging an e-mail to be hidden from searches without substantial unsupported changes to the CRM application.

The CRM security model could be used to restrict users to be able to see their own e-mails only - but that is probably not what you want because they would then not be able to see other e-mails relevant to customers.


A shame, but obviously something like that goes against the whole concept of 'everything is visible' on CRM.

However, I'm currently testing a self-destructing email using an automated workflow.

While it can't delete the email, what it will do after 30 minutes is delete the subject and the email body and also the sender and receipient, sending it to a queue when done. All it needs is Private in the category.

I'll let you know if it works.
Well, while it may not be possible to make certain emails unsearchable, I have managed to make a self-destructing email workflow, which will delete any email with 'Private' in the category after 30 minutes.

Here are three images showing the process, for anyone who wishes to use this.

Obviously, use with caution.

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