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Morning Experts,

I currently am setting up Hamatchi Software VPN to run across separate Domains in separate offices. Hamatchi uses Active Directory for user authentication to allow access to shared resources. The problem I have is that once logged on and authenticated to one Domain it will not allow access to shared resources on the other. I can get round this by mapping a drive using NET USE command with user and password switches this then authenticates. However when run in a login script this does not work as there is no network availability at this point. Is there a better way I can do this during a login script as I would like to make this as easy as possible for staff in the company.

Many Thanks,

Bill Hurst.
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This could be an active directory trusts issue. For a user on one domain to gain access to resources on a different domain the active directories of both domians would have to be set up to trust each other.  


Hi Jess,

Many Thanks for your answer, I am now exploring the route of active directory Domains and Trust across the VPN to enable authentication Server Side. Any tips or advise on setting this up over Software VPN would be greatly appreciated (esp anything that I should look out for).

Thanks Again.
Unfortunatly its not really my area of expertise but here is an article I found which maybe able to set you on your way.




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