Can we dissable automatic re boot after updates on Windows 2003 SBS

nigelbeatson used Ask the Experts™
We have had a few problems with our server restarting after updates recently, terminating logged on sessions.

Is there any way that the restart can be controlled by admin, at a time to suit us, ie manually, rather than thistaking place, as it would seem, as and when the OS dictates?

Are there any implications in doing things this way.

Any advice would be welcome.
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Hi there,

In the Control Panel, open "Automatic Updates" and then in there you can select the option "Download updates for me, but let me choose when to isntall them"? This way you can install them at your own convencience.

If all the options are greyed-out, then this would likely mean that the setting is being enforced through Active Directory Group Policy. If this is the case, then the network administrator should change the setting on the winning Group Policy Object (GPO).

If you have multiple servers and clients in the environment, then I would also suggest you look at using Microsoft's free WSUS software to manage your Windows Updates.



Many thanks.

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