Exchange+Verizon SMTP 25 blocked, should I use MailHop Relay port 25 to 587?

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Verizon blocks incoming port 25 requests.
We have an exchange server.
Our exchange server accepts SMTP on 25 or 587 incoming.
DynDNS offers MailHop to forward all 25 to 587.
Do I have any other choice?
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your only other choice is to have them select the verizon smtp server
if you want mail flow to continue thru your system, for tracking and logging purposes you should switch to 587


Please be clear and straight forward.
Does verizon offer an SMTP server that will map INCOMING port 25 to 587?
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The only way that you could use Verizon's system would be if they hosted your MX records. Most ISPs offer that service and would probably forward the message to your server on port 25 - as the port block will be between their network and the Internet.

some isps close port 25 and allow their customers to relay thru their smtp server

is this for clients or your server?
I fought with a similar issue for a few hours this morning with an Exchange 2003 Server. It was for a small client using Verizon DSL. All of the sudden our outbound mail was being queued instead of sent. I changed to port 2525 (per DYNDNS support doc) and all the mail went out. Our issue was outbound only though.

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