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Hi all,
my manager wants me to download and install apache 2.0.59  and php the most stable and secured fortunatly
I found apache rpm but for php I found the latest  version I need to know where can I found archive of all versions for php and mysql
also I'm ignorant with which version is most stable and secured of
php , mysql, apache
also I need if you please links for the sources and how to install, or rpms and how to install
please help as soon as possible
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you can get all the php version from


and mysql version


if you install apache, php and mysql by yum you would not get latest version
to get and install latest version you will have to download the source code and then have to compile by your self

on which machine are you installing apache and php? is it an internal-only type, or will it be a production machine? security concerns are not the same

If is a machine purely used for internal development and not reachable from outside the company, you might consider using a XAMPP package which installs automatically Apache + PHP + MySQL (although you do not mention it, I'm pretty sure you need it!) + phpMyAdmin (for MySQL) in a nice package.
But be aware that this package installs with some security holes, that's why it is easy to install

Also have a look at the Zend Platform, which again might be an easy to use platform for Apache + Php


>>>you can get all the php version from
its only those versions :
PHP 5.3.0
PHP 5.2.11
suppose I need version 5.0 or version 4.0
from where can I download it
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hi fibo
my priority for security then for flexibility
if I'm using yum cann't I install specific version of package
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suppose I need version 5.0 :  

5.0  is the older version.

You can use 5.2 or 5.3

The way you are thinking about security it does not work that way

Example, suppose if you use 5.2 , and then some one finds any problem on security, php will  fixed that by giving you patches...

as far i know there is not any security issue for either 5.2  or 5.3
so if you want recent version then you go for 5.3

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you would get all the php version from here


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> my priority for security

You shouldn't use legacy Apache HTTP Server versions in that case. Apache 2.2.14 is current.

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