When connecting via VPN using Cisco VPN client by VPN icon does not appear on the task bar

Wayne Michael
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I upgraded from version 4.x to 5.0.01Cisco client.

after the upgrade when I connect to a client,  in order to disconnect I have to go to program files/Cisco VPN Client and run the program again just to disconnect.

In the old version I could right click on the icon in my task bar and click connections.  

How do I get that back?
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Doesn't sound like normal behavior.

There was a bug in the 4.6 version which kept the yellow lock appearing in the tray, but it was cosmetic only.  

In this case, it also sounds like the VPN is working, just missing the icon tray icon correct?  

1st thought, make sure Windows isn't "hiding" the unused icon tray icons...   Do you have a double arrow pointing left on the icon tray?  

2nd thought,  a missing icon tray icon is normal if the admin uses autoinitiation.   It's used to prevent end-users from suspending service.   Since you can disconnect from program files, I wouldn't think this is in use.  

3rd thought,  you might just want to remove the VPN client altogether and reinstall.     Backup the PCF file to keep your profile settings.... it's usually in C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\Profiles.   After you reinstall, just copy the pcf file back into the same directory.  
Wayne MichaelSenior Software Developer


1 = no hidden tray icons.

2 = as far as I know auto initiation is not used.

I'll try a reinstall today and see what happens.

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Good luck, post back the results.

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