sonicwall tz 200 vs watchguard firebox x500

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I am looking to get a new firewall for our company(40 people). We have been using a Watchguard Firebox x500 but that is wigging out on us so we need to get a new firewall. I have head lots of good things about sonicWALL so i believe we will go with them(budget is under $1000) i was quoted the SonicWALL TZ 200 and was wondering if that is comparable to the x500. we have about 30-40 internal users and about 3-4 remote users at any one time. will this be a good replacement?

I noticed that the sonicWall is not rack mounted where as the x500 is... not that that makes any difference necessarily...

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I'm currently running one of these at my office

has everything you are looking for and is rack mountable, mine is higher end but you can find lower versions that ask everything you want
I've got a few customers running the TZ180, and TZ190 just fine, but only 15 users.  Been very reliable
A quick look at the spec online shows the TZ200 as having a much better throughput capacity, so I would imagine it would be fine for that many users
ow many interfaces do you need ?  Just internal + external ?   ( not sure how many interfaces the TZ200 has, the Firebox X550e has 4, so you could have say 1 internal and 3 load balancing externals).


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