Netgear GS724TS and PXE: E-51

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I have a multitude of Netgear network switches and have found something very hard to solve.

Basically I have one GS724TS which uses the stack cable from the back and connects to another further two Netgear GS748TS network switches. All my other Netgear network switches (which just happen to be the GS724T model) use the fibre optic modules.

If I plug a new PC into either the GS748TS or the GS724TS (these are the stack cable switches) and run PXE it returns the dreaded
PXE-E51: No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received.

If I plug this new PC into any of the GS724T switches (fibre module switches) then PXE works as normal. I have been through all of the Netgear settings for both types of switches and cannot find any configuration differences (within reason).

For the record:

a) all of the network switches have correct IP address and subnet mask settings.
b) we are a school in half term and there are virtually no staff in at the moment, the entire network and computer system is sitting virtually idle.

This is not the end of the world; because I can at least build all of my new PCs by just swapping over connections - but nothing freaks me out more than an inconsistency.

Any ideas most welcome and thank you for your time,

PS - Pls. see attached file for versions of firmware, bootware etc.

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you you have latest firmware installed on your *TS switches?

can you ping dhcp server from a pc with a static IP, when PC is in a *TS switch?
is your dhcp server is in the same subnet with clients?

have you tried to sniff traffic with wireshard during ipconfig /renew procedure?
HI Exp,

thanks for your answer - sorry it has taken me so long to get back in touch with you.

I have removed the stack cables and replaced them all with fibre optic modules and the problem has vanished.

I've got a funny feeling there is a problem using these switches with both the stack cables and fibre optic modules.

Also, yes did have the latest version of the firmware for all switches.

Many thanks,

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