Outlook 2003 All mail going to unread mail folder

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I have a user that uses Outlook 2003, in conjunction with Exchange 2003, and is currently having  all of the mail going to the unread box. This is an isolated incident  as far as I know.  There aren't any rules or delegates assigned on the account. I'm not sure if this would be on the server side or the application side. I'm assuming it would be on the application side since this behavior is isolated to one user but, I have learned that I shouldn't assume anything.

Any ideas what might be causing this to be occurring?
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the unread folder is just a default search folder
messages should appear in both the Inbox (or folder specified by rule) and the Unread folder is a shortcut to all unread messages within the mailbox


Ok I can see that I wasn't very clear in my problem. All  incoming messages are only going to the unread folder, they never appear in the inbox.

So for instance you have inbox (0) and unread (17).

open outlook with the /cleanviews switch

start -> run -> outlook /cleanviews

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