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I have a datagrid view in a form. I want the user to be able to double click one of the records and for it to open a form with a variable assignes as one of the recirds from the row that was cliked.

Is there an event handeler and something that will recognise which row was clicked?
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Use the MouseDoubleClick event and in there check the DataGridView.SelectedRows property


I am trying to get the data from the "EmployerRef" column of the selected row into a variable "EmpRef"

how do i go about doing this?

what is the column number of employerRef, what type of column is it, and is it a control if the column is a TemplAteField.
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The event is called DoubleClick and you can get the value like this

If dgv.SelectedRows.Count = 1
  Dim Ref As (type depending on type of employerref) = dgv.SelectedRows(0).Cells("EmployerRef").Value
End if

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