SSIS package with Active X Script task error

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I've one SSIS package which uses Active X Script task. Now, this package runs fine from VS; but when I try to run it through SQL Server 2005 job, I get following error- - "Retrieving the file name for a component failed with error code 0x1ADBD638"

There is an error in this function below--
Sub PostXML()
    Set objXMLHttp=CreateObject("msxml2.XMLHTTP")
    Set objXMLDoc=CreateObject("msxml2.DOMDocument")
    strXMLPath = "C:\EmailTemplates\SendEmail.xml"
    objXMLDoc.Load (strXMLPath) "POST", "", False
    objXMLHttp.send objXMLDoc.xml
    If Len(objXMLHttp.responseText) > 0 Then
        objXMLDoc.async = True
        objXMLDoc.loadXML (objXMLHttp.responseText)
     End If
End Sub

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