SCCM 2007 Distibution Server Share on Network Attached Storage

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In our current environment we are using USB attached external hard drives on our servers that are configured as Distribution Points. This worked well for about a year and then the USB drives started to fail. This caused several issues that i do not want to include in this cry for help.

I would like to test a Distribution Point Server Share on a Network Attached Storage Device. I set up the Share and gave the SCCM Server Full access to the share via a global AD security Group. The Server Share DP is not configured to use BITS,HTTP or HTTPS, At first it was configured to use BITS, HTTP and HTTPS, but the packages would not copy to the share.

Has anyone had any success setting up a DP Server Share on a NAS? below is the error I get

SMS Site System Status Summarizer still cannot access storage object "\\NASBOX\SMS" on site system "\\NASBOX\SMS". The operating system reported error 2147942453: The network path was not found.

Possible cause: The site system is turned off, not connected to the network, or not functioning properly.
Solution: Verify that the site system is turned on, connected to the network, and functioning properly.

Possible cause: SMS Site System Status Summarizer does not have sufficient access rights to connect to the site system and access the storage object.
Solution: Verify that the Site System Connection accounts are properly configured to allow SMS to connect to the site system and access the storage object.

Possible cause: Network problems are preventing SMS Site System Status Summarizer from connecting to the site system.
Solution: Investigate and correct any problems on your network.

Possible cause: You took the site system out of service and do not intend on using it as a site system any more.
Solution: Remove the site system from the list of site systems used by this site; this list appears under Site Systems in the SMS Administrator console.

Possible cause: You accidentally deleted the storage object or took the storage object out of service.
Solution: The SMS components will eventually detect that the storage object no longer exists on the site system and will either recreate it or choose a new storage object. Monitor the status messages reported by other SMS components to verify that this occurs properly.

The storage object has been inaccessible since "10/21/2009 4:20:40 PM". When you correct the problem and SMS Site System Status Summarizer successfully accesses the storage object, SMS Site System Status Summarizer will set the storage object's status to OK, providing that the storage object has sufficient free space.

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Are you getting any errors or warning in "SMS Site Component Manager" under system status.

The only errors I have are:
     Site Status: Component Status: SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER:
SMS Distribution Manager failed to process package "Configuration Manager Client Upgrade" (package ID = JAX0006E).

Possible cause: Distribution manager does not have access to either the package source directory or the distribution point.
Solution: Verify that distribution manager can access the package source directory/distribution point.

AND --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

     Site Status: Site System Status: \\NASBOX\SMS ConfigMgr distribution point:
SMS Site System Status Summarizer could not access storage object "\\NASBOX\SMS" on site system "\\\NASBOX\SMS". The operating system reported error 2147942465: Network access is denied.

Some more information on this issue would be that this NAS is not managed by a windows system. The NAS is a Synology Disk Station DS509+. it uses a UNIX type OS. While reading other posts and MS websites, this is not 100% supported.

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