"Network Cable Unplugged " Broadcom virtual adapter (teamed Lcap)

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I'm completely stumped with this and Dell has offered up any help.

I running a Dell Power edge 2950, wink2k3 r2 standard with an on board Broadcom NetXtreme II Nic Card (bcm5708c) and a PCI-E Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5709c. The server is Running Symantec Endpoint Protection, and The management console as well as Symantec Backup exec system recovery ( and manager for all server backups) and is a domain member with the firewall disabled.

using BASC 3, I've set them up in a team as i want to assign  a single ip Address to the team to boost performance and fail over for the server. The team Creates without a problem but the BASP virtual adapter for the team continues to say " Network Cable Unplugged"

I'm running 3COM 4500g and have the ports setup as LCAP link aggragation.  I'm complete stumped on this Dell has not been able to help on the hardware end blaming the software.

I've tried the latest drivers from Dell, and Broadcom and i'm using the Broadcom advanced control suite 3.  I was unable to create a team using the BACS 2 that shipped with the server.

Any ideas on what to do would be greatly appreciated.. I haven't been able to find solution via google. :)
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I figured out my own question..

I had setup the link LCAP before teaming the NIC.. It appears that i just had to delete the setup from the switch and re-create it.

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