Pass parameters from one page to another in ASP.NET

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Please help/suggest/resources/way to do the following.This is my first application, so need help on topics like these:
User will select the 'supplier' value from the main page .Based on the supplier, user will go to a different page where the policies will be displayed.Now based on policies, user can go to another page, which will have policy related data as well as links to another page.These links will take user to another pages where user can go and see other supplier related data, e.g. external address, internal address etc.
The link which appeared on the Policy related page for External and Internal Addresses, will appear from the main page to take the user directly from the main page to address pages.
I am assuming for implementing a scenario like this, I need to somehow pass the supplier data and policy data from one page to another.Please suggest me good ways to do that.
Also, any examples will be helpful.
Can I use hidden fields here? How can hidden fields be used?
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It seems like a perfect scenario for query strings

Here is a tutorial from CodeProject on this:

You can even download the demo app.
Don't use Hiddenfield, gives poor performance webpage

Use this


this.Context.Items["Parameter"] = TextBox1.Text;
Server.Transfer("SecondForm.aspx", true);


TextBox1.Text = this.Context.Items["Parameter"].ToString();

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