Cisco ASA 5520 TFTP Server for Config Backup and Restore

rigneydolphin used Ask the Experts™

Im looking to setup a free TFTP server and copy my startup configuration to the TFTP server as a backup.

Anyone know a good easy to use server and the cli commands to configure it to save to the TFTP server?

I would also need to know the commands to restore the config to the ASA 5520.

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Ilir MitrushiIT Infrastructure and Security Architect

tftpd32 -

" To copy from a TFTP server, enter the following command:
hostname# copy tftp://server[/path]/filename {flash:/ | disk0:/ |
The flash:/ keyword represents the internal Flash memory on the PIX 500 series security appliance.
You can enter flash:/ or disk0:/ for the internal Flash memory on the ASA 5500 series adaptive
security appliance. The disk1:/ keyword represents the external Flash memory on the ASA.

" To copy to a TFTP server, enter the following command:
hostname# copy {startup-config | running-config} tftp://server[/path]/filename

Solarwinds makes a good free TFTP server for Windows; once you set it up run 'copy running-config tftp:' to make your backup. It'll ask you for the IP address of the TFTP server and the filename then copy the current running-config over to the TFTP server.

To restore, 'copy tftp: running-config' so you can verify it's correct, copy it to startup-config to restore a backup permanently.
greg wardSenior Systems Engineer

I use tftpterminal, you can do back up the router using just one program!
you need to choose a folder to share the files and the network addresses it can use.

User Access Verification

Username: blah

Worthing1#copy run tftp
Address or name of remote host []?
Destination filename [worthing1-confg]?
14644 bytes copied in 3.598 secs (4070 bytes/sec)


Worthing1#copy tftp start
Address or name of remote host []?
Source filename [worthin1-confg]? worthing1-confg
Destination filename [startup-config]?
Accessing tftp://
Loading worthing1-confg from (via Vlan1): !
[OK - 14644 bytes]
14644 bytes copied in 10.001 secs (1464 bytes/sec)

Top Expert 2010
I just wanted to add one more option:

Kiwi Cat-Tools does an automated backup, and can report on changes to the Config as well.  Its free for 20 devices.  I use it all the time.


It's easy to use, easy to configure and has an excellent user interface.

Great recommendation Mike

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