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Hi there. I notice in one  of the departments in my school there is the switch with like 20 cables plugged in to them and there are the network cables plugged behind some of the computers in the ethernet port. I was told that there is no network there but I suspect that most of the work has been done already. Isn't creating a network just simply putting the wires into the switch and the computers and then configuring them or is there more to it than that? Is there any way I can test it on one of the systems if there is a network. I understand that ip addresses need to be configured but how do i do that. Also I hear that you need a server but is that true?
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as all the systems are connected to the same switch you need to do these below mentioned things on all the hosts.

1) Assign an IP address manually on each host if you do not have DHCP configured in the Network
start from to and Subnet mask as

2) Make sure that all the hosts are in the same workgroup as you do not have a Domain controller
ex : set your companyname as the workgroup name
help :control panel->system->computer name -> change button

and for other information you need to provide more detials
to check.
on a machine
go to a cmd prompt
and type ipconfig /all
if you see an ip address,subnet,gateway and dns then they are setup.
if it says dhcp enabled then there is a router or server giving out the ip addresses, otherwise they may be manually configured.
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what about a server? do i need to buy a server?
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only if you want to sharefiles, have security, have your own mail server, web server or any other number of things.
but if you just want to share the internet, print and maybe share files from pc to pc then you dont NEED a server
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ok thanks wolf
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if i want to share the printer then what is the procedure? do i connect it to one of the computers and tell that computer to share it? how to go about that?
well, there are  different types of network method's:

1- you can install a windows server 2003 with Active Directory (this required advanced knowledge )
2- simple network, which is the workgroup, where you can just plug cables & configure IPs to be in the same subnet;

You need the server if you need to share files, programs, & Internet
in the workgroup you can do it, but in Workgroup , a file can be shared with 10 users at the same time.

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