How to abort a script in old filemaker 6 file?

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I have an old filemaker 6 recipe database that I need to dump the records out of.   It runs on both windows or mac.

It has a startup script I need to bypass and a password.  I know the password, but can't get the script to stop running so I can edit the db.  Any suggestions?  

I have tried to hit "cmd + .", and "esc" at startup, but no luck.
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no, you should hold shift while open it, enter credentials and then hold 'esc' immediately.
if the script can be interrupted, you'll stop it.
if it does not work, trick #2:
create a dummy db and link its table to any table in the main db. place a related record in the current layout.
when you'll open this dummy db, it will open the other one wihtout executing its startup script. goto the window menu and show the main db window: here you are, you can modify/export...


Will try tonight.  Thanks.
Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.
An additional option: If you have FileMaker 6 Developer, you can turn on "Debug Scripts" prior to opening the file. If you have FileMaker Advanced (7->10) you can first convert the file to .fp7 format, and then you can turn on the "Script Debugger" before opening the file. This will let step through and stop the script.

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