WBR-1310 as a switch.

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I have a Linksys WRT54G Router, and a D-link WBR1310 router. Now, I want to use the Dlink as a Switch between my modem and the linksys, so I can keep my PC outside of the linksys router. In the end I want my setup to be

Dlink "Switch"  >  PC
Linksys Router
All other computers
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The dlink wont act as efficiently as a switch as a real switch would, meaning it wont optimize traffic throughput. That said:

 - Optional - Disable DHCP service on the DLINK (in theory will make it act as a HUB, effectively giving PC a live IP from ISP, and one to LINKSYS as well, if ISP supports multiple IP's)

1 - Modem cat5 to DLINK "WAN/Internet" port.
2 - Any port from DLINK to Linksys "WAN/Internet" port.
3 - Any port from DLINK to PC
4 - Any port from Linksys to other computers.

With the above in place, in theory, you will have:

(                )
(      ||        )
[DLINK]==[PC in DMZ (aka no hardware firewall)]
||     ||    ||

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