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Im trying to get  Pro Tools to run on Windows 7 Ultimate and it crashes me out to the blue screen.  Is there a way to run it so that the XP mode will allow it to run?  I believe it is the drivers themselves that are not happy.  I know DigiDesign says it doesnt work yet, just wondering if anyone knows a solution?
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I think you will have to wait until DigiDesign patches to make it compatible with Windows 7.
You will have to wait for the update for Win7 compatibility.  Until then you can run XP Mode and run Pro Tools from there.  Just download it from:
Install it and let it get to a desktop.  After that install Pro Tools and away you go till the update is released.
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probably your sound card drivers are not supported properly....


Thanks Mak, D/Ling that stuff now will see if it works.

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