mapped drive on mac desktop disapears on reboot

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i found this to map a network drive on the mac,

From the Finder on the Mac, select "Go"->"Connect to Server..." menu item.
Specify "smb://server4/" in the server address.
Authenticate with your Windows username and password.

Then enabling show network maps it lists it on the desktop.

My problem is that when the mac is rebooted.. the mapped drive/icon vanishes from the desktop

Any ideas why this is? and how can i prevent it or automate the recreation.

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Not sure what you mean by this

Then enabling show network maps it lists it on the desktop.

but you can go to system preferences via the Apple menu / go to the Accounts icon / click the Login items tab/ then click the + icon at the bottom left of the window then add your server from the choose dialog window. Now when you restart (as long as you have ticked the save my username & password into the keychain when you did the go / connect to server stuff) you will be connected on reboot.
Control-click on the mapped drive on the desktop and choose Make Alias. This will make an Alias (shortcut) on the desktop

You can then reconnect to the server at any time by double clicking on the alias.

If you put a copy of the alias into the Startup Items folder in Home\Library it should automatically mount the drive on startup.


thanks for the help ill note both methods. Thank You Both

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