Configure Cisco 891 Router/Firewall

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Does anyone know how to configure the Cisco 891 Router/Firewall... This has been dropped on my lap and I have very little knowledge of how to configure a router to connect two offices together. (routes etc)

Cisco 891 will be used for our small branch office.
Cisco 515e Pix here at the main office.

I would imagine i will need to ISP static IP address they have given us from both locations. I will probably need to configure the pix to allow the branch office IP and vice versa...

can someone please guide me along..

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You'll want to configure what they refer to as a Site-to-Site IPSec VPN tunnel between the two.  Once you have Internet access at each location through the router and the PIX, you can use the following Cisco documentation to get an understanding of how to build the tunnel from each side:

Since it's your first tunnel, take your time and have patience and let us know if you have any additional questions...

greg wardSenior Systems Engineer

If you can get a copy of cisco SDM you can configure this with just a few clicks.
The command line is not so easy.

Good luck

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