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I need to spec out a voip gateway, any help would be appreciated

1) Expected approx 20 concurrent connections
2) I want to use a Cisco router
3) what type of network module do I need?
4) Are the seperate calls broken out on the card or do I need something else?

I am unclear of the interface between an IP based system and the PSTN, any info would help

harbor235 ;}

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You ask a lot of quick (and not neccesarily related) questions on large topics.

My suggestion is take a look at asterisk distributions, like Elastix (http://www.elastix.org) and Trixbox (http://www.trixbox.org) for free ideas on IP telephony. There are several cards you can use to connect PSTN or ISDN or whatever you need to your IP telephone box (check http://www.digium.com for professional solutions). Grandstream (www.grandstream.com) provides good adapters and central boxes too.

hmm, I need to interface to the PSTN for VOIP to non-VOIP calls via a VOIP gateway,
I expect a certain amount of those calls to the PSTN, I need a circuit (voice T-1) so I need an appropriate card for that, correct? I also am unclear if the sperate 64K channels are broken out in the card or via some other gear,

How are they not related?

harbor235 ;}
Could you explain in more detail what exactly you need. Do you already have an IP central system ? You just need to connect PSTN phones to it ? Or do you need the central system (please provide details about it, is it a PC box ? What is it based on, does it support SIP ?) to accept calls from PSTN lines ?

For example, if you have an IP central system and want to be able to use analogue phones on it, you need an ATA (that's an interface that can connect your telephone to IP). But you have given me too little to work on :)
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have the central system, Call Manager, yes

I want my voip users to be able to make outside calls to no voip users

My real question is whether the interface card that terminates the voice circuit breaks out the DS0's or do I need another piece of equipment?

harbor235 ;}

I have a T-1 VWIC, does it need anything else to seperate the DS0's other that the card itself?

harbor235 ;}
Never used the Call Manager, sorry.


Just so I am sure here, you do not need any other equipment except the PVDM modules and the appropriate VWICs to break out the DS0s? it's al ldone in the gateway, no tdm mux needed?

harbor235 ;}
greg wardSenior Systems Engineer

the tdm is done on the router.


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