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Hi all

I am trying to setup Outlook Anywhere for one customer. His domain name is register to an A registrar and the hosting of his emails with his domain to a B ISP.

I am trying to issue a certificate from Godaddy with a common name The ISP has not yet pointed the mx records of to our Exhange server as i want first to test the connection with Outlook Anywhere. So instead i asked them to create an A record for to point to external IP of exchange server.

Godaddy has my certificate request on pending for 2 days now and i got the following message:

"Welcome to the Go Daddy® Secure Certificate Services Domain Control Options area. We have sent you an email with a special code xxxxx  that you can use with the top two selections to provide proof of domain ownership. The bottom two selections for proving domain ownership are manual processes. Please refer to the email we sent for specific instructions. Please click on the link below which best describes the type of domain control verification you have implemented.

    * Domain Zone Control w/CNAME...Processing...

    * Website Control w/Modified Website...Processing...

Subject Alt Names:


Having difficulty validating using the automated domain control methods? Click Here and a request for manual review of your CName or Website modification will be sent to the Registration Authority support team.

If you wish to use one of the manual validation processes that were described in the email sent to you with the special code, it is not necessary to request a manual review."

I have received the mail from Godaddy and clicked the link that proved the ownership of the domain and forwarded the message above and the message on my email to my ISP as i dont know what else to do.

Can anybody tell me what possibly is going wrong?

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As long as you have the 'A' record created AND the Whois information is all accurate then you should be ok.

They will usually send an email to the Administrative contact on your whois record. Check this as well if you have not altready.

If you have any other problems, you will need to contact them directly.

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Phone them up. Sometimes they can take a little push.
The link you got in email may well have been for the local names, not the public name if you are deploying a SAN/UC certificate (Which you should be if it is Exchange 2007).



Shaun you are right

The whois information does not contain an administrative email contact. I shall call my registrar straight away.


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