Disks I/O performance - whats best?

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Hi all,

My main data storage server is currently have real problems with performance ever since i chose to locate the roaming profiles and appdata redirection of it. The server is old, the disks are slow.

I dont want to make the same mistake again, i have budget foe a new server does anyone have any recommendations on the best RAID setup for performance throughput?

Would you split the roles and just move the roaming profiles and appdata redirections?
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Roaming profiles is just slow in general.  Are you sure this is because of the server/RAID and not the network and size of the profiles?

I like RAID 10 but that's only one component in a very big system of things that can affect the performance.
Roaming profiles may require 100MB to be transfered.
==> That is 1 second of a single HDD but 9 seconds on a 100Mbps NIC

May be there is a way to use DFS hability and synchronize a local and a remote editions of every user files

Regarding disk io, SSD rules the IOPS world, SATA rules the capacity world, SAS rules the reliability world with some drives getting a BER/UBE of 1 per 10E16 (better than Desktop SATA at 8.8% probability of 1 unreadable sector per 1TB read and Enterprise SATA at 0.9%, SAS is about 0.09%)

Always use RAID 10 except if you are only expecting a sequential io usage pattern (Backup for example) where parity RAID are great (Please choose RAID 6/60 instead of RAID 5/50 with SATA drives or on >6TB array)


Not what this means exactly?

"Roaming profiles may require 100MB to be transfered"
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Any "Profile" contains a "My documents" folder.

Click on the property for the "C:\Documents and Settings\YourLoginHere" folder.
==> How many MB are in it ?
Win2008 allows to redirect those folders in a profile and, if you although use the offline caching hability, should allow for smaller roaming profiles.

If you have more than a small dozen MB to retrieve at every logon, your performance should be acceptable.


Its the appdata that is bloated thats why i chose to redirect it. The my docs is redirected to H:/ the rest are under 5 mg so the are roaming.
Did you read my "RAID 10" recommendation above ?

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