Monitoring Windows 7 Network activity

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I have installed few days back windows 7 and till now i am OK. Is there any way to see the network performance from the start menu as we were in the past with windows XP with the tow blinking computer screens near to the clock?
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Microsoft has discarded the Network activity animation in Windows 7 as of now. They say that it distract users from doing work.

Here is a utility which can be used to bring it back. It's working like a charm on my installation of Windows 7.

also you might like this :)
Todd GerbertIT Consultant
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While I do miss this icon, it's hardly a measure of performance - really only indicates if there's activity or not, and gernerally speaking now-a-days if your computer's on there's network activity.  The current icon still will indicate whether or not you're connected, and if you press CTRL-ALT-DEL and run the task manager there's now a Networking tab which will give you some utilization information, and there's also the Performance Monitor which will give you more detailed information.


waaaaao _3mp3ror_:

This is mych better even now...
I have the LED's on my keyboard. It is important for me to know if mu wireless AP is functioning or no.

Thanks :))

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